MMM Prep

So it’s here, the Mini Mighty Man Pool Triathlon. Since January I have discussed swimming and have touched on biking and running. Now here is when we talk about  praying. If you believe in the power of prayer, pray that all goes well tomorrow. And if you like to get specific with your prayers: pray that I don’t freak out in 17ft of pool water; pray that my neighboring swimmers don’t splash water down my throat while I am trying to take a breath; pray that I don’t get kicked in the face in 17ft of pool water; pray that I don’t kick anyone in the face; and pray that the LI EventPower staff don’t make me exit the pool because my swim time exceeds the cutoff. We’re supposed to be able to finish the swim in 16 minutes. I finished my last 400 swim in 27 minutes. Umm Yeah.

Whatever happens tomorrow, I feel as though I have already won. Last Saturday, the ladies of BGR! Long Island and NYC came together for a practice run through. It was very well organized and we were even provided with race packets to simulate race conditions. How did I do you wonder? Well, I’d say that I came last by a mile but it was closer to two miles. So for all of the people who told me that I would make up for my slow swim on the bike and run, (my swimming instructor was the main offender) you were wrong. Despite all of that, I felt like a winner. I swam 400 meters, biked 6 miles and ran 2 miles. That’s right, I swam 400 meters.

MMM trial

That’s me crossing the finish line. I was actually crying because I experienced such an overwhelming feeling of triumph and the support from the group was unbelievable. I heard them cheering for me before I even saw them. People in the park were stopping to see what was going on. I had conquered and that was the special occasion.

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