The Highs and Lows of Learning to Swim

help swim

Just when I think I’m making some progress with the swimming, it all seems to go bad. My fourth swimming lesson was a little discouraging. I figured I would get in the pool and build on my prior success. However, it took me 30 minutes just to replicate what I had done in the previous lesson. There was a whole lot of water inhalation and even an embarrassing intake that resulted in a barf. Yes, I said it. If I’m going to tell the highs, I’ll reveal the lows too. Fortunately, I managed to get out of the pool without soiling it and Lorraine was great about the whole thing.

The very next day, I dragged myself to my coached swim with the team. I cannot tell you how hard it is to get myself to the pool in this cold weather. Well, I got there and was so discouraged because I felt like everyone else was advancing while I was reverting. I was struggling with my funky breaststroke while my teammates were cutting through the water perfecting their freestyle. Coach Steve must have sensed my frustration because he gave me a pep talk and was very supportive. I guess I’ll just have to add another swim workout and try to be patient with myself. Since my time is maxed out I’ll have to replace one of my runs with a swim.

In other news, the team is scheduled to go bike riding on Saturday. I’m looking forward to the change of pace … pun intended.

2 thoughts on “The Highs and Lows of Learning to Swim”

  1. Hang in there Jennean. Clearly you didn’t see me at our group “swim” – my first one. I was and still am struggling. I thought you were doing great. Well I guess we just have to keep pushing — we will get there.

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