New Year, New Goal

Last year I decided to get out there and run my first half marathon. I trained for twelve weeks with Team in Training and successfully accomplished that goal. This year I would like to complete a triathlon. To that end, I have registered for the Mini Mighty Man Triathlon in April 2013. The mini consists of a quarter-mile pool swim, a six-mile bike ride and a two-mile run. For you die hard iron man triathletes this race probably doesn’t even constitute a real triathlon, but for me it is HUGE. While I am confident in my ability to run two miles and I know that I can complete a six-mile bike race ride I currently am unable to complete the swim. In fact my swimming skills, or lack thereof, consists of a weak doggy paddle. Now, considering that I am working with a swimming instructor who has forbidden me from ever doing the doggy paddle again, I would have to say that I cannot swim. So training for this mini tri may prove to be quite the adventure.

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